Epcot's World Showcase, it's not just for adults

I often hear people say  "We are going to skip Epcot because the kids will think its boring" or " We are just doing the front part of Epcot because the kids will get bored in all the countries". There are over 10 countries represented in the World Showcase, 11 to be exact and then there is the African Outpost which is not counted as a true showcase pavilion. Within each one of these pavilions there are multiple food options and yes, adult beverages to be enjoyed. It seems most people know that piece of information but they don't know  there is a lot more to offer in each one of these pavilions. Well, I am writing this blog to dispel all those myths and let you know that Epcot's World Showcase is for children of all ages.

Did you know that the World Showcase has the most number of character meet and greets than any other location in Walt Disney World?  Your children can not only meet rare princesses like Mulon and Snow White but you can also meet Mary Poppins and Alice! You can find these character spots and times located in the My Disney Experience App. We have had some of the best character interactions at these meet and greets.  Don't be embarrassed about getting in the pictures with your children. I must admit I was aw struck the first time I met Mary Poppins!

Another unique experience within the countries is the Kidcot Fun Spot Stations. These are tucked away benches and tables with a cultural exchange cast member that interacts with children and helps them create a craft and some will even write your Child's name in the cast members language. Each station has a stamp of the country's flag and if you get every country's stamp you can get a completion stamp. One of the best things about this activity,  it is absolutely FREE! Yes that is right something at Walt Disney World is Free. So while you are taking a break and enjoying an adult beverage or a quiet spot in the shade, your kids are entertained.

If your children are more into their phones and playing games then give Agent P's World Showcase Adventure a try. This is another FREE activity that is so much fun for kids to take part in and they get a great tour of the World Showcase. You start the adventure by checking in at one of the kiosk located near the International Gateway (Epcot's back entrance) or  the Odyssey Bridge. Check in with the Cast Member and they will explain how everything works and get you started on your secret mission around the World Showcase.

While you are traveling around the World don't forget to stop in to the different shops in each country, you can find some of the most unique souvenirs. For example the Mitsukoshi department store in Japan has all the latest in Japanese pop culture and some of the most unique food snacks on property. I recommend the shrimp chips!  In the China Pavilion shop you can purchase a traditional fan and the cast members will write your name in Chinese on the fan. It's a great unique gift. Then there is the pastries and ice cream in France! OH MY Word it is so good. Do you have soccer fans in your family or BBC TV fans? Then the stores in Great Britain are a must stop. Every country offers something diverse and interesting to stop and look at. Ok maybe not every country, in my opinion the shop in Italy is just kinda meh, it doesn't excite me. 

As you can see there is much more to Epcot's World Showcase than just adult beverages and museum exhibits. There is something for everyone and all ages. So the next time you are planning your Epcot day consider the World Showcase for more than just a stop for Frozen Ever After, I promise there are so many more interesting things to explore.

See you again Soon!


Here is the most recent version of what is available at the Kidcot locations. 

Here is the most recent version of what is available at the Kidcot locations. 

Collect these great cards from each country and on the back there is a cute picture you can color and personalize.

Collect these great cards from each country and on the back there is a cute picture you can color and personalize.