The best age to take a child to Walt Disney World.

As a Travel Planner I am often asked the question " What is the best age to take my child to Walt Disney World?" My answer is always Now!

You see, you may perceive your child/children to be to young to remember Walt Disney World but you are not to young to remember the trip. There is no doubt that tons of pictures will be made and stories will come out of this trip. These pictures and stories will be retold to your children and fondly recounted for decades.

There are also practical reasons for taking your children to Walt Disney World when they are young. Money, when a child is under the age of 3 they do not need a ticket to enter the theme parks of Walt Disney World, that's a huge savings. You also don't have to purchase a meal for a child under 3, so you can get great pictures with classic characters like Mickey and Minnie and not have to pay for the kids plate. Traveling with a small child also makes you slow down and enjoy the small things that you may normally not notice or take for granted. This reminds me  of the first trip we took to Walt Disney World with our daughters and Amelia (our youngest was under 3). We were walking around Disney's Polynesian Village Resort headed to dinner at Kona Cafe, both girls were totally enamored by the bunny rabbits hopping around in the grass and just wanted to squat down and watch them for what seemed like forever. As adults we had walked by the rabbits multiple times, maybe commenting on their cuteness but more likely not even giving them a second glance. To our daughters the bunnies were absolutely the most magical things in the world, at the time & they still talk about them! Small children make you slow down, not go go go and I believe this is the absolutely best way to experience Walt Disney World. All the major rides have a child swap options so you can still ride your thrill rides even if the kids aren't tall enough. 

So if you have the time and budget to travel to Walt Disney World, I say do it now, make those memories! 

Have a magical day and we will chat again soon!