Guess what! We started a blog

Hello everyone this is Gina from the podcast Fab4 Travel Talk. If you have listened to an episode of the podcast then you know my family is in love with all things Disney! I wanted to take time in this very first blog post to give you a little insight on why we love Disney and specifically Walt Disney World. 

My very first visit to Walt Disney World was in November 1971 and for all you other Walt Disney World lovers out there you know this was a month after it had opened for the very first time. I was only a little over a year old but the stories from this trip live on through my parents. One of my favorite stories is when I met Mickey Mouse for the first time and he kissed me on the left cheek. Mom said I would tell anyone who would listen that "Mic Mouse kissed me right here", they were not allowed for a very long time to kiss me in the same spot as "Mic Mouse". As you can see my love for Mickey Mouse started very young and has really never wained. We continued to travel to Walt Disney World at least once a year or more until I graduated from college. There was a short dry spell while I adjusted to the "real world" but before long the trips continued just on a smaller budget. Once Kyle and I were married, he decided that it was time for his first visit to Walt Disney World and we had a wonderful time. Kyle quickly learned why I loved Walt Disney World and became a huge fan himself! Once we had our girls taking them to Walt Disney World became a priority for us and we have instilled that same love and healthy obsession in our two daughters. There is nothing like experienceing  Walt Disney World through the eyes of a young child. You get a new fresh perspective on everything. 

We now struggle as a family to not always go to Walt Disney World on vacation or long weekends, to say it is our second home is an understatement. This is why when an opportunity fell into my lap one day to become a Travel Planner that specializes in Disney Destinations, I was over the moon excited. Who knew I could make money helping families and individuals discover the wonders of Walt Disney World and all the other fabulous destinations Disney offers! Fast forward a few years, Kristy and I decide it's time to give the males in our lives a little voice on our podcast and voile Fab4 Travel Talk is born. 

Each week I hope to explore certain details and aspects of Walt Disney World that we don't get to touch on in the podcast. Some post may be about the resorts or just a story that I thought our listeners might find amusing. If you are new to the Fab4 Travel Talk family, welcome and I invite you to go back and listen to all of our previous episodes. 

I hope you have a magical day and we will chat again soon!

The original rental strollers in Walt Disney World. Not from 1971 but definitely the 70's on Main St. USA with my mom. 

The original rental strollers in Walt Disney World. Not from 1971 but definitely the 70's on Main St. USA with my mom.