I currently live in North Carolina and I have loved Disney since I visited Walt Disney World in 1971.  I am married with 2 wonderful girls one is a teenager and the other is a tween. My whole family loves to travel and is equally obsessed with Disney. I am an independent travel consultant with Mickey Guru Travel and love planning clients vacations.


I live in Southern New Hampshire with my husband, Eric and our daughter, Allison. I am a total theme park junkie! I absolutely love rides and the the faster and higher the better, in my book! I'm partial to Disney Parks but I also really enjoy SeaWorld and Universal as well.My husband and I own Mickey Guru Travel Company and it has been a dream come true for me to be able to help others plan magical vacations. Together with my team of agents, we have helped hundreds of families experience the wonder of spending quality time together in magical destinations around the United States and the world!I'm so looking forward to sharing my obsession with you all via the Fab4 Travel Talk Podcast.


Hello Fab 4 Travel Talk listeners, I am excited to be joining the cast of characters that make up F4TT.I am the Co-Owner of Mickey Guru Travel Company and I have had a passion for all things Disney my entire life. Having grown up surrounded by artists, Walt’s creativity and innovation have always been an inspiration. I became a theme park junkie in my early 20s with my first trip to Walt Disney World and I haven’t looked back. From coast to coast it is so much fun having the chance to experience all the things that Walt designed and developed and to see the magic he set in motion with the company. I hope to bring my love of these details to the podcast as we laugh about and share stories of our magical adventures.


I’m really excited to share my love for Gina, I mean Disney, but I’ve been a silent member of the Fab4 since day one and now I get to be in front of the microphone. I, like Eric, am a professional geek and that affords me the skills, patience and opportunities to do a lot of the technical production work for the Fab4. I have to thank Gina for making me a WDW fan.